Kisha Bari is a New York-based photographer from Australia who is passionate about capturing people through portraiture and visual storytelling. Her range as a photographer and her personal approach have allowed her to photograph an array of subjects, from America’s union workers and Native American Leaders to world renowned ballet dancers and rockstars. 

As a core member of The Impossible Project’s U.S. team from 2010-13, Kisha performed as photographer and Project Manager, curated exhibitions, and developed curriculum specifically geared for instant film and vintage Polaroid cameras.

Shifting her focus from commercial work to social advocacy in 2012, her portrait documentary “How Sandy Hit Rockaway” on the recovery of residents in Rockaway, New York after Hurricane Sandy was a featured multi-media exhibit at Photoville (New York City’s biggest photo festival) in 2013. More recently, Kisha is the lead photographer for the Women’s March organization and her documentary, ‘ReSisters : Behind-the-scenes of the Women’s March’ was also a featured multi-media exhibition at Photoville in 2017. Her third solo featured exhibit at Photoville, 'The Meaning of Now : Living Life with Cancer' was shown in 2018.  

Today she continues to document today’s civil rights leaders and work with marginalized communities to foster change through art, education and conversation. 

Currently, her collaboration 'I Am A Child' with artist and activist, Paola Mendoza, can be seen at the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. Also due to unveil in 2020, is the 'Winston-Salem Portrait Project', a community engagement and public art project lead by Kisha Bari and Jasmin Chang. 

Kisha’s work has been published in many media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Rolling Stone.


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